About Brian

"Coach Brian’s inspirational, motivational and positive influences have clients taking back their lives, getting what they want out of life and being the "KEY" to their happiness."


By “Inspiring” others how to be their own “KEY” to their lives, Coach Brian can help shift your focus in making “Positive Choices” that will lead to “Positive Results”, while “Motivating” you to take action in achieving your successes in all facets of your life.

However, his main goal is to help “Guide-You-Forward” from where you are today, while “Connecting” you to your greatest assets. Through his powerful, simple, fun, productive, affordable and exciting

“BE THE KEY™” Life Coaching Techniques, you will surely find the “KEY” that lies within you that will unlock and open new doors to your life’s true happiness.

Brian is originally from Long Island, NY and moved to Arizona in 1993. He graduated college from the University of Massachusetts and received his Life Coaching Certification from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona. Brian has been helping individuals throughout his life and dedicates his practice towards “Inspiring”, “Motivating” and “Guiding” others forward in their personal, professional and/or spiritual world, while connecting his clients to their true happiness. Through his coaching of awareness and recognition, he keeps others close to their perception of how they want and choose to live their lives so they can set goals in achieving the happiness that they truly deserve. His ultimate goal is to elicit the greatness in others, while having them honor their own light from within so nothing stands in the way of their goals.

Through his heart’s voice of compassion, Brian speaks volumes and connects with his audience on a more important part of life than just existing in the world, but focusing on the PRESENT moment in time because in all actuality it’s all we have. He is a constant reminder that happiness is in our reach, if we choose to be a part of our own life and by taking ownership of ourselves first, which in return will lead us to our happiness. His intentions on having others live life to the fullest and never missing a chance to be present in it, is the core in what makes him so unique in the field today. He understands that we are all not perfect and he strives hard for us to realize that we need to give ourselves a break and stop beating ourselves up.

His successes have come through his compassion, empathy and loving kindness towards others, while seeing things objectively. He truly understands that we ALL have a story to tell, that we want to be heard, acknowledged and known for something positive. He claims that there is nothing worse then having your world turned upside down and left with a crippled heart with no light at the end of the tunnel. He’s a constant reminder that the best part of life is that it’s constantly changing and that everything happens in life for a reason, we just need to find our own true meaning behind it. By learning from our past, we can build our future, while living in the present moment and not taking our lives for granted.

He is direct with his approach by asking the difficult questions that make others think and take ownership of their lives. He holds the client responsible for their actions and decisions that are based on good intentions from the heart. His homework of self-discovery is an essential part in the process of uncovering one’s truth, understanding one’s knowing, comprehending one’s clarity and believing in one’s self, while setting goals that are obtainable and not out of reach. It’s with this enlightenment that

sheds fears, anxieties and doubts that might have been holding others back from being completely, passionately and honestly happy.

The important thing is to stop adding the fuel to the negative fire we so much love burning and calling our security. This is truly an oxymoron. We’ve had enough conditioning in our lives toward negativity, that all we need to do is “Shift-Our-Focus” and believe in ourselves. All we need to do is BE THE KEY™, unlock and open the doors to our true happiness. By reconnected ourselves to our greatest asset…our hearts, we have the fuel that gives all of us the inspiration, creativity, passion, love and happiness we are looking for.

Brian’s clients come from all over the country including: Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, but focuses more in his home state of Arizona.

Brian is not only a Professional and Certified Life Coach that helps unlock and open new doors towards our life’s endless possibilities, but a Motivational Speaker focusing on making good “Choices” in life that have positive meaning. Brian has had guest appearances on Radio, newspaper articles written about him in the media, published articles in magazines – “From the Coach’s Corner”, and speaking engagements because of his inspirational words and thoughts of “Awareness”, “Recognition”, and “Perception.” It’s with all these positive influences in taking back our life and getting what we want that has him being sought after.



Coach Brian has been sought after for his inspiring and motivating words on several topics. His high energy and enthusiastic approach keeps those in the audience feeling grounded and down to earth. Coach Brian enjoys loosening up the crowd with his charm and witty sense of humor to remind those that life should be fun, while not taking our selves too seriously.   He enjoys getting the audience involved in his conversations and encourages those to be involved when called upon. He understands that we all have busy lives and that we all need a little fun and inspiration to keep moving our lives forward, and the importance of taking something of value home with them . Coach Brian focuses on several topics, which include:
  • > Achieving “GREATNESS”
  • > Investing in YOU
  • > No Hocus-Pocus, Just Shifting Your Focus
  • > Connecting You to Your Glitches
  • > Life Theories You Can Live By
  • > The Philosophy of Living with Happiness
  • > Relieving Work Stress and Finding Clarity Again
  • > Weeding Your Life’s Garden
 Clients include:
  •    Barrow Neurosurgical Associates  (Phoenix)
  •    University of Massachusetts, N. Dartmouth  (Massachusetts)
  •    Express Interactive Solutions  (New York City)
  •    United Aesthetics Association  (Scottsdale)
  •    Apollo College  (Phoenix)
  •    Margo Gardens Retreat Center  (Sedona)
  •    Business Conference – SWIHA  (Tempe)
  •    AZ Leadership Counsel  (Phoenix)
  •    Coach-A-Than  (Chandler)
  •    BluePrint High School  (Chandler)
  •    Rotary Club of East Tempe (Tempe)
  •    Isagenix (Chandler)
  •    The 137th Anniversary of the Founding Kappa Alpha Theta (Phoenix)
  •    Temple Beth Shalom, Women’s Conference (Tempe)
  •    Grand Canyon University Health Expo (Phoenix)
  •    Women of Har Zion (Scottsdale)
  •    Phoenix Civic Plaza Holistic Expo (Phoenix)
  •    Chandler Networks (Chandler)
  •    Emerging Healers Conference (Chandler)
  •    Southwest Institute of Healing Arts - SWIHA (Tempe)
  •    Gentle Strength Co-Op (Tempe)