Believing In Yourself Starts With Honoring Your Own Light

Do you ever wonder why some people become so successful, have a loving marriage, many dear friends, are always healthy and happy? Do you think they are highly educated, inherited tons of money, come from a loving family, received good genes or have things handed to them on a silver platter? If these thoughts come into your mind, I can honestly say that you are not alone. So what’s really behind all this?

When we take a closer look at these individuals, you would be amazed to know that they all share one thing in common. They all choose to “honor their own light” from within, which allows them to believe in themselves. By believing in yourself, you can achieve anything you set their mind to. Nothing shall get in their way in pursuing true happiness because there is no settling for anything less than a proactive result. No matter what obstacles are endured, it is the belief of the light from within that provides the strength to persevere and succeed.

This warm and bright light from within connects you to who you are as a person. This light is made up of four main characteristics: values, clarity, knowing and faith.
“Values” are the precise meanings, principles, and quality considered worthwhile or desirable in life. For example, being respected is a value that most of us hold dear and close to the heart. “Clarity” is the true and clear vision or appearance of strengths, gifts, talents and intuition. “Knowing” is the possession of concise information or understanding of wants, desires and wishes. “Faith” is a confident belief in truth of the heart, which holds our love, inspiration, creativity, passion and happiness.

Anyone can be successful, prosperous, healthy, loved, and happy. The importance of our light from within, helps guide us to achieve these goals. For those who can’t find their light or choose not to let it burn, are usually filled with much negativity, fear, doubt and often an unclear vision of whom they truly are. You must be ready, willing and able before you can commit to recognize or rekindle the light. For most of us, we just need to breathe and take our time finding our way within. Here are some questions that might be helpful for you to get started: What will your light from within look like? What characteristics define you? Can you take ownership of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically? Can you recognize and remove the obstacles that are in the way?

By living in the present moment and honoring your own light from within, you can overcome the obstacles of your past, negativity and disappointment. You can focus on seeing your glass half full and be proactive mentally, emotionally and physically, while truly believing in yourself to achieve the goals that bring happiness in all facets of your life. My wish for all of you is this: “May you believe in yourself, each and every day, never taking your self for granted and letting your light shine bright from within for the entire universe to see.