First Steps in “Letting Go” – Forgiveness

If you take a moment and look at your life, would you agree that each and every one of us has some type of story to tell of misfortune and pain? If life were perfect, we would all be walking on the yellow brick road without a care in the world because no matter what we do, the outcome would be just that, perfect. However, this is the real world and things happen each and everyday. As there are tides that flow in and out, and nights that turn into days, there are highs and lows in our life. It’s up to us as individuals to learn in “letting go” of our mistakes and misfortunes, while learning from the lessons in moving forward.

Since life isn’t perfect, it’s unfortunate that some choose a different path in life by holding onto the past full of personal anguish and hurt, while being blinded by the lessons being taught. As the years roll on, they will stay focused on living where they are and remain that same person from that point in time, without even realizing that they are ignoring the present moment. They will hold onto these negative memories so strongly and never perceive in moving forward. It’s the choice of not “letting go” that can cause even more anguish and pain onto themselves, as well as others throughout the years to come.

The first step in “letting go” is forgiveness. Webster’s dictionary defines “forgiveness” as granting relief or ceasing to feel resentment against another person or thing. This may seem harder than it really is, but once you learn to forgive those in your life, you will set yourself free from the thoughts and feelings that have been holding you back for years and start moving in the right direction in living a healthier, more productive and positive way of life. Through listening to your heart and learning to communicate, you will understand the meaning behind what’s really important and enjoy living in the now.

So as your life coach, take a deep breath and let me ask you some interesting questions:

Are there family members, a loved one or a good friend that you’ve turned your back on because you’ve chosen not to let go of a situation?

Is it more important for you to hold a grudge against others, instead of communicating your thoughts and feelings, while clearing the air at the present moment in time?

Do you love others freely and not expect anything in return?

Do you see others for who they really are and not for what you want to them to be?

Do you love unconditionally or by conditions?

Remember, you hold the keys to your life’s possibilities. It’s up to you decide what’s important and how to move forward. By taking the first step in “letting go” and forgiving those in your life, you will soon be back on the yellow brick road to happiness. In case you run into some trouble, remember the old saying…it’s easier to forgive than it is to forget.