Getting Back To Basics – *The POWER of YOU”

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are living healthy, happily and passionately.

I have a question for you. Have you taken some serious thought about what your New Year’s Resolutions will be?

Every year, millions of people like you, on New Year’s Eve, will take a moment and hope that this is the year that they will lose those unwanted pounds, get into shape, get a new job, seek a significant other, be a better person, and/or devote oneself to being happier. Some of us make a real go at it and strive to make resolutions come true, while others hold on for awhile, but allow the pressures of every day life to take over and cause a shift back to our old self. This ongoing relationship with our old self, that has been with us for the past several years, is the problem we know all to well, which is full of fear, anxiety, self doubt, negativity and darkness. It’s the same one we keep feeding and refueling because it’s all that we know. The funny thing is that we call this relationship our “SECURITY” because in the end we will not be disappointed with the result. We have gotten so used to honoring our darkness that we become so familiar with it and refuse to see the good in working towards anything that might actually make us truly happy. We have correlated the word “work” in meaning something bad, but in all actuality, the real connotation of the word is always positive because we are obtaining experiences and knowledge.

By getting back to basics we can truthfully obtain the “happiness” that we all deserve. It isn’t just a pipe dream. We can all make it a true reality if we “CHOOSE” too. It’s simply there for the taking if we only try and believe. So let me ask you, how bad do you want to succeed in your New Year’s Resolutions?

What I’m about to share with you will make you smile at first and then go “hmmm”. This little, simple ingredient that makes everything in your life come to fruition is like having a KEY that will open and unlock every door that has been closed inside of you most of your life. The funny thing is that you’ve had it all along, but might not have realized it and no one was nice enough to share it with you until now. What is it you ask? It’s the POWER of YOU!

How could something so simple like YOU be so powerful? It’s simple really. YOU have the most amazing gifts on earth and they are deep inside your greatest asset. By connecting yourself to YOU and understanding what makes YOU tick is half the battle. By believing in everything that YOU are and hold dear to your heart, YOU can stand tall and reach inside and bring it to the forefront, while shifting the focus to positive thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

It all starts with four simple steps. First “*Connection-Breathing”. By learning how to ground yourself, you can find the inner peace and state of being that’s deep inside YOU. This will shut off any outside interference like work, family, relationships and other miscellaneous distractions. Second “*Inventory-Awareness”. By looking inside, YOU can take stock of all the wonderful attributes, which includes the things that make you laugh and smile, your talents and likes, your special gifts and the things that bring joy to your heart. Third “*Alert-Recognition”. By simply being in the here and now, you will take notice when you allow negativity to creep in. When it does your siren will go off reminding you that you weren’t being present in the world. This is extremely important. Fourth “*Real-Perception”. By seeing exactly what you want and staying true to the reality, you will believe in ever facet of your meaning.

So when it comes to your New Year’s Resolutions, reach for the stars and think big, and remember just how important YOU truly are. By shifting your focus, you’ll be amazed how soon your life will take a new direction and how beautiful and powerful your light inside truly is.