Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I was recently visiting some friends on vacation when in the background from another room I heard seven dwarfs whistling their famous tune. My attention was skewed towards the kids laughing in the next room who were busy watching the Disney classic Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. Curious to visit a happy time in my past, I excused myself politely and walked into the family room to where the children were engulfed in the animated story. I was amazed to find myself seeing more than what I remembered when I was a child and finding new discoveries to the story’s meaning.

What popped into my mind, was the part when the witch looked into the mirror and asked the well known verse, “mirror, mirror on the wall,” and this got me thinking about what we actually see in the reflection.

We all know when our birthday is and each year we complain that we are getting older instead of younger. We pick a time when we decide that we will be a certain age forever, even though we know this isn’t true. The older we get the less we want people to recognize our special day into this universe, but we can all fess up now that we truthfully like to be acknowledged on our special day. However, the word “age” is the question that I’m referring too. When we look into the mirror each and everyday, just how old do we see ourselves?

For some of us, we don’t question or bother pretending that we are younger or older than we look. Our journey got us to where we are today and we wouldn’t change a thing because in reality things happen to us for a reason. We wouldn’t question ourselves, but continuously follow the flow to our life’s plan. We remain positive, learn from our past, build for the future, but remain focused in the present moment in time. We enjoy the ride for what is and not for what should have been. When they look into the mirror they see their reflection and the age they truthfully are, but only wishing they looked younger in their appearance.

However, this isn’t the case with everyone. There are people who question their life and get stuck, unable to move forward and remain in a holding pattern. They feel that they haven’t started really living their life because of what had stopped them in their tracks. Even when the years roll on by, they remain where they were when the situation occurred. When they see their reflection they see a much younger person than they actually are and can’t face this fact and refuse to believe in what they see. They might even feel that they don’t want to grow up or don’t even know how too. It’s even harder for them to realize the reality that they aren’t where they thought they would be at the age they are at now. Their reflection in the mirror is quite different than what actually is.

So where does one go from here. Awareness and recognition is extremely important in realizing where you are at the present moment in time. This might seem downright scary or fearful, but the good thing is you aren’t alone. Life has its ups and downs for everyone. Even the strongest of people, have their weaknesses. Besides, everyone and I mean everyone, has a story to tell about their life, and that’s a fact, not fiction.

As your life coach, take a deep breath, relax, give yourself a break and stop being so hard on yourself. There’s always time to jump start your life and getting the happiness that you truly deserve. So, take this moment, look into the mirror and see your reflection. Now, ask yourself this question: When I look into the mirror and see my reflection, I see myself as _____ years old? Then ask yourself, why? Feel free to do this anytime you have a conflict or feel lost. By doing so, you’ll soon recognize your state of mind you are currently in.

As you will soon see, there’s always a reason why we see ourselves at a certain age than we really are. Realize that this is a good place to start by being present and aware of your life, instead of ignoring it. Remember what I always say, you (mirror, mirror) hold the keys to your life’s possibilities. It’s up to you to unlock and open a new door to your life’s true happiness. Once you do, you’ll soon be whistling a new tune.