Recently, while shopping at a local toy store, I found myself walking up and down the aisles passing one excited child after another. By their expressions on their faces, I could see that they were glowing with each glance of a toy or doll they saw and this made me smile. Soon my smile was taken away from a mother yelling at her children to put the toys back on the shelves and to stop touching everything. How anyone could bring a child to a toy store and expect them to keep their hands to themselves without getting excited or wanting to touch something defies all the laws of nature at being in a toy store.

The next thing I heard was the kid’s cheers of joy turning into the tears of sorrow. I thought to myself, where’s this mother’s heart?

As I glanced back at the shelf in front of me, I noticed the Playskools’ toy, Mr. Potato Head, and the picture showing all the accessories that were included, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, mustache, glasses, hat, bowtie, arms, legs, purse and shoes. I then thought to myself, that there was something seriously wrong with this toy…it was missing the most important piece, its heart.

As I stood there, I wondered to myself, where all of us make our decisions from; our heart or our head. By analyzing the characteristics for each, it gives us a better understanding. When we choose our heart, we understand that we are being more vulnerable in showing our true feelings and emotions, and enabling us to be closer to our own positive values, passions, creativity, inspirations, dreams, wishes and love. However, when we choose our head, we are in constant connection to the mind, which has no concept of feelings or emotions, but rather the processing and analyzing of thoughts, which could lead us in making negative choices that are connected to our fears.

Now, what would make us choose one over the other? This conscious choice of decision making is usually made on the outcome of one or more events that have taken place in our past. For a moment, picture our heads as a big brother/sister and our hearts as its younger sibling. No matter what takes place in our lives, it’s our older sibling that will fight off any school bullies that we encounter. When something bad happens, it usually is affected more in our hearts because we were being vulnerable with our feelings. Since no one person likes to deal with pain, the head tells the mind to turn on its safety switch to stop the bleeding of pain that is taking place. It builds a shelter, a room of safety with brick walls surrounding its younger sibling so it can heal itself from the disappointment and pain. However, when something good happens in our lives, the heart breaks down some of the brick walls, glows and enjoys it’s time of happiness, while the head is nowhere to be found.

So where does one go from here? First and foremost, take a deep breath and realize that we are all human. The only way we learn in life is by making a few mistakes along the way. As your life coach, ask yourself…

Where is it that you make decisions from, your heart or your head?

With this awareness, now ask yourself, where would you prefer it to come from?

Once you have this recognition, start writing down the positive attributes that will come with these decisions. This in itself will give you more clarity and connect you to that in which you value.

Remember the next time you are faced with a decision in life, it’s important to understand if it’s coming from your heart or your head. By being completely truthful to yourself, you’ll soon be able to make a conscious decision that will have a positive effect. As for my toy store visit, I decided not to purchase Mr. Potato Head as a gift and picked one with a more heartfelt appeal.