Our Perception…Is Our Own Reality

We are all familiar with the story of Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the Americas in 1492. To recap, Columbus was an outstanding navigator and organizer of expeditions. He achieved his fame by sailing west across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a sea route to Asia, but he did not accomplish this goal. Instead, he encountered islands in the Caribbean Sea. During his four voyages westward, Columbus explored what are now the West Indies and the coasts of Central and South America.

Even with the success of his discoveries, he underwent much heartache and dismay in getting a crew to set sail. As the story goes, most people had perceived that the world was flat and if they joined in Columbus’ journey, they would fall off the end of the earth and die. Their belief in this theory was so strong that they made up stories to convince themselves of this pure assumption. Nothing could prove them wrong and their perception soon became their reality.

Today many of us, in some shape or form, have done the same thing on other matters of importance. However, once you convince yourself and believe in the thoughts you put into your own head, there’s not much that can persuade you otherwise. You have to undergo the criteria until you find out the situation’s truth. This will lead you in learning from your mistakes and understanding the journey of what got you to where you are today. Sometimes this takes a lifetime until you change and perceive a new truth. One way or another, your perception had became your own reality as well.

We are all products of our own environment while growing up as children and we are what we know. During our adolescent years, most of our own thoughts and feelings of how our parents and others see us is made up in our own heads. We determine what is true and what is fiction. Sometimes these feelings are of complete happiness, joy and love, while others are hurtful and haunt us throughout the years. At a young age we learn to project our feelings onto others without finding its truth. When there are ill feelings involved, we are either too “afraid” of communicating because we have been personally hurt or “fearful” of finding out the truth. Most of the time, our ego and pride get in the way because we are trying to control the situation instead of confronting those who have made us feel inadequate or incomplete. The pain is usually just too great to endure, so we perceive on living a life where are thoughts and feelings become our own reality. Then we’ll search most of our lives looking for a way to be heard, acknowledged and understood.

How you chose to live your life is totally up to you. Those who perceive in living their lives positively and optimistically will view their life as seeing the glass half full. No matter what happens in any situation they encounter, there is always something to benefit from the experience. They will search and focus on all the good that came of it, without questioning the negative. Their thoughts, feelings and attitudes are those of acting upon good intentions and result in pure love, friendship, wealth and good health.

Those who chose to perceive in living negatively and pessimistically, will mostly view their life as seeing the glass half empty. They feel that bad things always happen to them or that they are an unlucky person and never win anything. They feel that the world owes them everything because of the situations they are currently in. They find it hard to see the lessons that were being taught and continue perceiving their life in the same manner they did before, and this too becomes their own reality. They’ll believe in anything to convince themselves that something else has control over them and refuse to look inside of who they are for all the answers because they have given up their true belief in who they are resulting in negativity, fear and being poor and in bad health.

As you read this, all I ask is for you to take a deep breath in and out. Do this two more times and hold your breath a little longer each time. Now, ask yourself about the perceptions on how you live your life today at this given moment in time, the present time, the here and now time:

Are you a person who lives positively or negatively?
Do you believe in yourself?
Do you love yourself?
Are you self motivated?
Do you love your family and friends?
Do you treat others the way you want to be treated?
Do you truly love your significant other for who they are?
Is your relationship with yourself one of communication, honesty, trust, sincerity and passion?
Do you have a job that makes you happy getting up in the morning?
Do you enjoy the life you are living today?
Are you taking life for granted?

If it weren’t for Christopher Columbus’ perception that the world was round, who knows where we’d be living and existing today. So, it’s important to look at your life and see where you are at this very present moment in time. If the world is constantly changing around us, we too have to change along with it. As products are constantly being made easier for us to use, we have to shed our perception on what once was and adapt to what is. For example, thirty years ago the cell phone was non-existent and now everyone has one. It’s our way of staying in communication with others. Comparing this to our lives, it’s only natural that we are constantly evolving as human beings and perceiving our own truth and understanding who and what is important in living our lives filled with peace, love and happiness. If you want to have good health, be wealthy, successful, loving, caring and in a loving relationship, then you need to perceive the reality you truly want and believe in it without any doubt each and everyday.