“Our Self Worth”

I bumped into an ex co-worker of mine while shopping in the health food store a week ago. It was good to see an old familiar face. We greeted each other with the normal conversation of “How Are You” and “What’s new in your life.” It wasn’t too much longer when the conversation shifted from excitement of seeing one another to the disappointment and misery they were actually feeling. Knowing that I am a life coach, she began telling me how much she hated her job and how she was being taken advantage and short changed. Being the kind hearted person that I am, I let her talk for a few minutes until I asked if she had recognized that it might be time for her to move on and find another job that pays her self worth. But I only received the normal reply of, “oh it’s not so bad.”

After my ex co-worker departed, I stopped and thought to myself why she was settling for less than she actually deserved. Why was she so quick to change the horrible negative, which was the truth in her heart, into a positive without any circumstantial evidence to back up her decision to stay at the company? Could the answers have been based on fear of change, starting all over, the work that would have gone into putting a resume together, or simply denial of her self worth?

It’s true that some of us get paid more money than others, but we all have talents in certain areas that show off our gifts in bringing something to the table that’s worth our weight in gold. However, the moment we stop believing in our own self worth, and allow someone else to dictate it for us is the exact moment that we give up the keys to our lives and let someone else take control.

So what happened to our self worth? When did we say that it was time to give up on the American Dream and just settle for less in life? When I Life Coach, I always ask the question, what are you worth? The normal answer I usually receive is, “a lot.” Then I ask, how much is “a lot”. The next words I hear come with a smile and they say a million dollars. And what do you think is my reply? Well, then I ask, “why isn’t it two million dollars.” With a blushing smile on their face, they tell me they didn’t want to seem greedy. HOGWASH!!! I say this with exclamation points because we are short changing our self worth and the life we choose to lead.

So what do we do about it? As normal, take a moment to center yourself by taking a few deep breaths. Realize that anytime is a good time to start over from where we are today. If auto insurance companies fight so hard for our business, why aren’t we fighting just as hard to live our lives with that in which we deserve? If it’s our lives to live, why are we willing to settle for less?

Please get a piece of paper and pen, and write down the answer “yes” or “no” to the following questions…

Am I worth investing in?
Am I worth investing my “time” in the ability to move forward from where I am today? Am I worth investing in my “goals” to achieve the happiness that I deserve?
Am I worth investing my “dreams” to someday come true?
And lastly, am I worth more than a million dollars?

As soon as you are aware in what your life is really worth, you’ll soon recognize that you won’t wait for things to come to you because they may never happen. By believing in yourself, respecting your talents and gifts, and comprehending the values in who you are, the faster you’ll be living life in the present moment and putting your plan into action, while achieving the self worth that you deserve. As for my ex co-worker who I saw in the health food store, well she called a few days later to meet me for lunch and to start life coaching on her future investments.