Writing in a Journal….why it helps in any situation

When people think about keeping a journal, some might think of it being silly because it reminds them of keeping a diary as a child. However, when we were kids, we enjoyed telling all our secrets onto the pages inside. It was like a relationship between ourselves and the pages of the book

If you kept a diary, you’ll remember that you made it look warm and inviting, yet with a big lock on it so no one else could see your personal thoughts and feelings. After all, it was extremely personal and you hid it so no one else could find it but you. When asking those about keeping a diary, many will agree that it was one of the best ways to escape their most inner thoughts of negativity, yet just as wonderful as all the happy times that took place in their life. Sure if you read it today you would chuckle about what you wrote back then, but at the time you were actually keeping a Journal.

In this busy and crazy world we live in, we can easily forget where we put our belongings, picking up someone or even returning a phone call because we are consumed by so much including our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. With all that is going on around us, it’s easy to store things deep inside us, while not even realizing that they are the beginning stages of stress that can actual cause us to be sick. After all, we are the only “major” species who have the ability to process, analyze and paralyze ourselves with our own thoughts, feelings, emotions and fears. When we keep these deep inside, we have tendencies to build walls to protect ourselves. However, what are we actually protecting? By building these walls, we are actually cementing our foundation further and further away from our happiness and conditioning ourselves to live with negativity. We immediately choose to shift ourselves into another state of being other than the one we truly want.

I think you’ll agree with me that in each of us lies a story of our past. Whether that past is from childhood, our teenage years, or adulthood, there are major events that take place of misfortune, unhappiness or hurt. By writing in a journal, it helps us to relieve and review any situation that we choose to become face to face with. It’s clearly an early blueprint of how to get out of our own way, cleanse and free ourselves of the bulk of misfortune and pain that we have encountered. Simply put, it’s a quick and easy way of not carrying all the baggage around with us.

However, keeping a journal isn’t always about the negative. It can also enhance the memory of happiness. At anytime we can go back and read the events that were part of our successes, inner peace-harmony, joy and love. They might even be the future blue prints to a goal that you have in mind and that you want to review and achieve at a later date. By not neglecting our happiness, it’s a step closer to reconnecting ourselves to our greatest assets.

As your life coach, remember to always breathe. Take a few deep breaths and be open minded to always keep moving forward from where you are today. Below are a few questions that might help you with keeping a journal.

Are you willing to let go of your normal ways and try something new?

Would there be any reason you could not keep a journal?

Would it hurt to try, if so why?

Are you able to write down your thoughts, feelings, emotions or fears?

What would stop you from being ready to write in a journal?

So remember when it comes to keeping a journal, you’ll soon see that the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to constantly writing things down. There’s never a chance to forget something and it frees your thought pattern of all types of thoughts, feelings. emotions and fears. So whether you keep a journal for positive or negative reasons, it’s always a good way to keep moving forward from where you are today and one step closer to living in the present moment.