Climbing Your Life’s Mountain of True Happiness

When looking at your life at this present moment in time, are you happy where you are? Since time is constantly moving and things are changing all around you, are you changing with it? When someone decides to move forward from where they are today, they are slowly climbing up their mountain and connecting themselves with their true happiness in all aspects of their life. Sure, everyone has a story to tell from their past, whether it’s from their childhood, teenage years, or recent adulthood about major events that have taken place of misfortune, abandonment, hurt or unhappiness, but are we learning to utilize it as a catalyst to help us move forward from where we are today?

From the moment we are born, we are “conditioned” by negativity. We will hear the word “NO” more than two thousand times as a youngster. I know you’ll agree with me that sometimes hearing “NO” may actually save our lives, but most of the time we have been controlled by others, rather than to act, feel, and control our own lives and happiness. We might have even heard comments from our closest family members, friends or loved one’s that we aren’t truthful, good enough, smart enough, strong enough or capable of being more than we could be in life. Who’s to say that their words are true, when we know in our hearts they aren’t. However, no one has given us the tools to learn how to toss their projected feelings to the curb, while believing in ourselves to be more than we are today. This is the perfect time to look at your life and take notice of where you are on your life’s mountain of happiness.

When you are looking to achieve a more fulfilling love relationship, a healthier body, more success in your career, a connection to your passions and talents, improve self-confidence, rid yourself of fears, achieve a goal or to just live life with more balance of inner peace and harmony, you’ll make a conscious choice to move forward. You’ll do everything to take the necessary steps to acquire the tools to get there. Each decision for your happiness is another step in the right direction in being proactive and positive with your life. Fear is no longer an obstacle and the past is left exactly where it supposed to be. While climbing your mountain higher and higher, you’ll achieve goals that are important to you and connect yourself to your greatest assets. Even with the bumps along the way, you’ll soon realize that the journey up is its own reward, while living in the moment and never climbing back down.

Just as one person chooses to move forward up the mountain, there are many who consciously choose to ignore their happiness and stay in the status quo, leaving them at a certain plateau on their mountain. They simply decide to stop climbing the mountain for all the wrong reasons. They will choose to absorb negativity, while not honoring the light from within and ignore living in the present moment. Their past will consume their life. They will find themselves taking their life for granted, and giving up everything that they once believed, allowing their fears to take over. Some might not believe that they truly deserve to be happy because they have never felt it before. Their past may have conditioned them to believe in a different outcome and give up on everything they have ever dreamed, wanted or wished to come true. When this happens, people forget to live their lives, while making excuses and turning them into truths. They may even decide to start walking down the mountain because life is just too hard and give in to not working and fighting hard for their happiness.

As your life coach, this is the time for me to remind you to always keep breathing deeply. By taking a few deep breaths in through your nose and slow out your mouth, you’ll connect to your inner peace and harmony deep within you, while slowing down your brain’s thought process. Now that you have done this….let me ask you some questions in bringing awareness and recognition about where you are today on your mountain.

What does happiness mean to you?
Do you deserve to be happy?
Do you want to be happy?
Do you believe in yourself?
Are you consumed by fear?
Do you live in the past?
Are you stuck with negativity?
Do you think positively?
Do you easily get lost?
Can you take small steps up the mountain?
Would you rather stay in the status quo? If so why?
Do you have the tools to become happy?
Can you ask for help?

Remember, by simply taking appropriate actions and believing in yourself and your goals, anyone can find their way to climb up their mountain towards their true happiness. Even if you don’t reach the very top, you will find all kinds of happiness around you along the way up. With each step forward there is a new experience to encounter, learn and grow from, which will make you a more confident, positive and happy person. My wish for all of you is to constantly continue to climb your mountain each and every day. No matter how slow your steps are, keep pressing forward and take ownership of what you truly want out of life. Never, ever give up. When obstacles are in the way, all you need to do is ask for help. I can honestly tell you that there is no shame in that. Whatever your goals are that will lead to your happiness, by living in the present moment, letting go of the past, and climbing up your mountain, you will not only honor your light from within, but achieve success along the way. Happy climbing everyone!