Achieving Greatness from Fear to Enlightenment

Now coming to Chandler, AZ, a Motivational Seminar on “ACHIEVING GREATNESS” in all facets of our life, presented by Professional and Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Columnist “From the Coach’s Corner”, BRIAN J. ZAHN – PCLC.

  • Date: July 31st, 2010 11am - 2pm
  • Location: Western International University - Chandler Campus, 55 North Arizona Place Chandler, AZ
  • Cost: Only $25 per person

Times are tough and the economy isn’t showing massive improvements, but YOU can enhance your life like never before. Learn the true meaning of “Fear” and how it sets us all up for failure, while obtaining the real understanding of “Enlightenment” and how our choices and actions truly build self-confidence, success, happiness and a connection towards the GREATNESS that already exists within us.

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CAUTION UNLIMITED:  Teaches self-defense workshops to businesses, women’s groups, colleges, seniors, and starting this fall, children. You will learn awareness skills, how an attacker chooses a victim,verbal defense, defending yourself against an unarmed assailant, rape defense, knife defense, common items to use as weapons, home invasion and Taser training. You can customize your own workshop to include the above items, or create one just for your company or group.

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WESTERN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY:  WIU provides a broad educational foundation, including a focus on business and technology, designed to prepare students for leadership positions in a dynamic, global marketplace. WIU’s purpose is to provide education programs to a student population that includes working adults and international students to provide education in a format and at times and locations conducive to the education of the student population. To provide programs that meet the educational needs identified by industry, government, and other institutions of higher education in communities served by the University.
To provide domestic and international students with an education that blends practical experience with a strong theoretical framework, To provide an international educational environment through the implementation of global-oriented curriculum. To generate the financial resources to ensure financial viability. To provide for the personal and professional development of staff and faculty through education, training, and encouragement of professional and community involvement. To provide and maintain an emphasis on continuous improvement of programs and services

BE THE KEY:  Learn the steps it takes to open your life’s doors and utilize yourself as the solution to every opportunity your life possesses. Without proper action and a game plan to live by, our dreams, wishes and future success is bleak. By being coached to truly understanding your faith and belief system to success, you will unlock every door that you face with purpose, clarity, and self-confidence