Previous Motivational Speaking Engagements

Brian has been sought after for his inspiring and motivating words on several topics.

His high energy and enthusiastic approach keeps those in the audience feeling grounded and down to earth. Brian enjoys loosening up the crowd with his charm and witty sense of humor to remind those that life should be fun, approachable and not serious. He enjoys getting the audience involved in his conversations and encourages those to be involved when asked. He understands that we are all in search of a better self. Brian’s focuses on several topics including:

  • > Investing In You
  • > Connecting you to your GLITCHES
  • > Shifting Your Focus
  • > Life Theory A + R = P
  • > Weeding Your Life’s Garden
  • > The Philosophy in Achieving Happiness

Clients include:

  • Rotary Club of East Tempe (Tempe)
  • Isagenix (Chandler)
  • University of Massachusetts, N. Dartmouth (Massachusetts)
  • Express Interactive Solutions (New York City)
  • Margo Gardens Retreat Center, Work and Playshop (Sedona)
  • The 137th Anniversary of the Founding Kappa Alpha Theta (Phoenix)
  • Temple Beth Shalom, Women’s Conference (Tempe)
  • Grand Canyon University Health Expo (Phoenix)
  • Women of Har Zion (Scottsdale)
  • Phoenix Civic Plaza Holistic Expo (Phoenix)
  • Networking Group (Chandler)
  • Emerging Healers (Chandler)
  • Gifts & Graces at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts – SWIHA (Tempe)
  • Gentle Strength Co-Op (Tempe)


“Knowing that I left his conference with helpful tools in hand was a blessing and Brian’s Key to his success” ~ Julia

“The hour spent listening to Brian talk made me feel that he was totally dedicated to his work and that he has a deep understanding of the problems people face with their negativity. Brian has found the Key to making positive choices and to help turn around our lives and to believe in living a happier life if we choose to be our own keys” ~ Vera

“I was most fortunate to have seen Coach Brian speak this weekend. I would like to express that having seen him speak was a wonderful experience and honor for receiving all the tools he gave in helping us make better choices in our future. I will utilize my gift he gave out, a Key, as a visual reminder of just how important my life truly is. He surely set the standard high for the Emerging Healers Conference.” ~ Sonja

“Brian’s energy was flowing all over the room and it was exciting to be part of his speaking engagement. I found myself nervous when he moved our seats around because I was very comfortable in the back of the room, however I enjoyed the different view I was put in. Seeing how Brian’s passion for life truly was on stage, made me think about my life a little more. I’m thankful for learning so much and how this will impact my life from now on – Thanks Brian you were great!” ~ Dave

“I really enjoyed your workshop on Saturday at the Emerging Healers Conference and found it very insightful! Your presentation and content were excellent and very relevant for me in my life right now. In fact, I ended up using the information I learned in your workshop this week to make a very important decision. I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and I made that choice from my HEART and not from my head.