Life’s Mantra

I know you'll agree that not every day is perfect. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut or feel like we don't have the confidence in who we are. After all life gets to each and everyone of us at times, it's only normal. It's very important to have some type of belief system that helps you throughout your day.

So keeping this in mind, I created a useful tool called the Daily “KEY MANTRA” to a Wonderful Life, which will help keep you focused on the day that will soon be at hand. Feel free to use this as your “KEY” ingredient in helping you stay confident, strong, positive and happy today and everyday thereafter. After all, aren’t we lucky to have this time on earth? So let’s make the best of it. One important thing to remember is to make your life a fun game and let others figure out why you are whistling a happy tune. Here’s to keeping your “life light” burning bright for the entire universe to see.


“BELIEVE” in yourself and the greatest assets that you possess

Have “FAITH” in the values that make you who you are

“DREAM” big in making a difference to you and your life, as well as those around you

Set “GOALS” to the wants in your life, while taking the appropriate stepsin getting you exactly what you want to be

“FOCUS” on the importance of living and not dying

Count your “BLESSINGS” for you have much to be thankful for

“LIVE” like you’ve never lived before

“LAUGH” often so you can release positive endorphins that heal the mind,
body, heart and soul, while not taking life so seriously

See the “GLASS HALF FULL” so you can be an optimistic person
and see life’s true potential.

Stay “POSITIVE” in everything you do, while shifting your focus from the negative things in life

Live “OUTSIDE YOUR BOX” so you can gain new experiences
from places you’ve never imagined you could

Seek “KNOWLEDGE” to educate your life,
while shedding the fears that stop you from truly living.

“IMAGINE” your life’s possibilities and let your life take flight

Make a “CONNECTION” to others in your day,
as you can always gain such valuable information from them

Stay “AWAKE” in the world you live in and take notice of all the beauty surrounding you

Have “AWARENESS” of your life by taking inventory of the things around you

“RECOGNIZE” the things that bring you happiness by being alert to the world you live in

Live in the “MOMENT” as it is the only thing that is promised to you

Except “CHANGE” as it is the only thing you can count on in life

Make your “PERCEPTION” the true reality that you want to live with each and every day

“LET GO” of negative issues, fears and past experiences so you can live with complete clarity

Never “REGRET” anything you wished you would have said or done

“BALANCE” your life’s equation so you are always true to yourself for all the right reasons

Be “HAPPY” on the things that bring you joy and peace in your heart


“LOVE” from the depths of your soul because you can