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“Coach Brian J. Zahn once again featured in the Newspaper”

Journalist Natalie Morris, of the SanTanSun News, reached out to Coach Brian for his expertise regarding New Year’s Resolutions and why people fail in keeping them. Take a moment to read this article if you haven’t already.

Guidelines in Obtaining your New Year’s Resolutions:

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Coach Brian says that to obtain your New Year’s Resolutions, all you have to do is set a positive “INTENTION” on the things you want, “Feed” the intention each and everyday with positive energy, put some “Action” into it and have a little “Faith” in yourself. By doing these steps your “INTENTION” can never fail unless you give up. By doing the WORK (W.illing to O.btain R.eal K.nowlege) you will always move a step closer to your goal at hand. If you ever get stuck at any point, he claims that there is nothing wrong with asking for a little “Guidance” and “Inspiration” in getting you past any obstacle. After all, that is what a “Coach” is for. Coach Brian can make re-programming your life easy and fun so you can stay on track in the coming New Year and achieve any New Year’s Resolution. Reach out to Coach Brian today at 480-254-5000 or email him at

Brian J. Zahn has also been interviewed and appeared in several Arizona Newspapers including the Ahwatukee Foothills Newspaper & San Tan News Newspaper

Journalists have reached out to Brian for a fresh and different point of view from his industry.

With Life Coaching being the new “buzz” word and approach to self help, they inquired to hear the benefits of Life Coaching and how it can move others forward. The insight that Life Coaching brings is an entire new view that doesn’t cross the line of therapy, counseling, or psychology.

Brian understands that we all just need a little inspiration and motivation in achieving the goals that we are searching for that will bring us happiness. Whether it’s personal or professional goals that are being sought after, Brian unlocks and opens new doors towards other’s true happiness. He guides others through these doors and allows the client to take their time in opening them up at their own pace, which brings awareness. Through heart felt questioning techniques, Brian allows others to find out their own answers within themselves. It’s with this awareness that has clients recognize the situation they are in and to search for its meaning in how to achieve their dreams of happiness. Through this process, the client receives a new perspective within themselves to take a step forward.