Ask Yourself

“Every Obstacle is an Opportunity, every Opportunity occurs in the Present Moment, and in the Present Moment is where Happiness lies and your Success begins!”

Are You the “KEY” to Your Life?

It’s true what they say…we all have a story about our lives, but did you know that “Fear” is the #1 Obstacle in keeping us from moving forward and accomplishing our “Dreams, Wishes and Goals”. Coaching can help you find your greatest assets that are deep within you. We all possess our own unique strengths, but sometimes lack the awareness or the confidence in using them to our advantage. Being the “KEY” to our lives means that we are the solution to all facets of our life: emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, romantically, happily, healthily, just to name a few.

Could You Use a Coach to Help Guide & Move You Forward to a More Fulfilled Life?

Take a moment and read each step below. After all, this is “YOUR” time to be 100% truthful to yourself. Since you are the most important person in your life, take your time and a little inventory on what you notice about yourself. This will definitely be painless, I promise you. There are no right or wrong answers. Let’s begin.

Step #1: Awareness

Take a moment to look inside yourself. See your surroundings in your heart and in your mind. Look at the world that you are currently living in. Don’t be shy, include everything: from the work you do eight hours a day, to your car that gets you there, to your home surroundings and your relationships with your friends, family and significant other. Now, ask yourself the following:

  • Am I where I want to be?
  • Do I settle for less than my “Best”?
  • Do I hate my job, but continue to stay for just the conveniences of a pay check?
  • Do I feel “stuck” in life?
  • Do I want “more” out of life?
  • Am I healthy?
  • Am I successful?
  • Am I financially sound?
  • Do I desire to live life positively, happily and fulfilled?
  • Do I have goals that haven’t been met?
  • Do you shy away from your dreams?
  • Is my relationship with my specific other all that I want it to be?
  • Am I truly “IN” Love?
  • Do I love unconditionally?
  • Is my perception of my life the reality that it has truly become?
  • Do I make the positive “Choices” that reflect moving forward and connected to my happiness?
  • Do I live in my head?
  • Do I live in my heart?
  • Am I standing in the hallway, rather than opening the door and stepping into my greatness?
  • Do I live in the past?
  • Do I live in the present moment in time and not take life for granted?
  • Do I act negatively to issues and thoughts?
  • Do I take things personal?
  • Am I angry all the time?
  • Am I disappointed with my life?
  • Am I the “KEY” to my life or feel like I’m ignoring myself and being the problem?
  • Do I let “Fear” control what I do and who I am?

Now ask yourself…..

When was the last time I was truly happy with my entire life?

I could go on and on, but I think you now understand. Life is short and we need to start enjoying each day we have. It’s up to us as individuals to start taking ownership of who we are so that we can live life happier. Sure life has its ups and down’s, but it’s our perception of who we are that will rise above life’s disappointments. At some time or another we all will hit that brick wall in our lives and say that enough is enough with this life that I’ve created.

I Want More! I Want It To Be Different! I Deserve It All!

Before I go on, it’s important to understand that every person on this planet has a story to tell. We all have been hurt, disappointed or even abandoned at one time or another. From the moment we are born we are “conditioned” by negativity. It truly amazes me how many times we hear the word “NO” in our lives. You’ll agree that sometimes hearing “NO” may actually save our lives, but most of the time we have been controlled by others, rather than to act, feel, and control our own lives and happiness. Besides hearing the word “NO”, we might have also been told that we aren’t good enough, why aren’t you like your brother or sister, you’re not smart enough, or you “CAN’T” do that.

Did you know that by the time we are 12 years of age, we will encounter over 4 million deaths by radio, television, newspapers and magazines. That’s an outstanding number, don’t you think?! I’m curious to understand why humans are so fascinated with negativity, and death, but refuse to honor their own light while they are living. Let me ask you a quick question, when you are on the highway driving and there is a traffic accident, isn’t it your first gut reaction to slow down and see what’s going on? I know what you are thinking…I do that….but why? We do it because we are curious creatures about almost everything, except for the possibilities of being positive, happy and fulfilled.

Happiness isn’t the same for everyone. It’s simply up to you, as an individual, to discover what will truly make your life happier. If you are still contemplating if coaching is something you might need or want in shifting your focus towards everything you deserve in life, then feel free to read some of the statements below and see if any of them resonate with you.


I sometimes feel “FEAR” in things that I do and I feel that it holds me back from getting what I truly WANT

I’m so “AFRAID” of getting hurt that it stops me from loving others completely and unconditionally.

I’m not sure if I’m “IN” love with my significant other or if I’m just “SETTLING” for the person that I’m currently with.

I feel “TRAPPED” inside myself and can’t let go.

I can’t “GIVE” myself completely and feel like something holds me back.

I just can’t “TRUST” others and not sure if I know why, so I just don’t get too close.

I feel “TIRED”, “STRESSED” and “BURNED” out and don’t feel like doing anything after I work all day

I’m just not “WHERE” I want to be in my life.

I feel “LOST” and out of place at times when I’m at work or with my family or friends.

I “CAN’T” move forward and feel “STUCK” in my life.

I don’t feel that I have enough “STRENGTH” during the day and put things on hold.

I feel so “MOODY” all the time and withdrawn and “LACK” of energy.

I am always feeling “SICK” and can’t ever feel healthy.

I “WISH” I was more successful and had more money.

I don’t “KNOW” what I want in life?

I hear so much “CHATTER” in my head that it’s hard to quiet down all the noise that’s going on.

I “WANT” more out of life than what I have today, but not sure how to go get it.

I “DESIRE” to live life positively, but the world just brings me down.

I have “GOALS” in life, but I’m procrastinating and can’t get them done.

My friends seem happy in their life, but I don’t and not sure why?

I “HATE” my job and the people I work for, but the money is ok and my bosses never bother me so I guess I’ll just stay where I am.

I want to “Conquer” the world, but I have no idea how to start.

Everything in my life is great, my job, my friends, my family, however there’s just something “MISSING.”

My life is so crazy that I can’t “RELAX” at all. I have a hard time sleeping at night and it’s seems like time is flying by and I just get more worked up.

I wish I had more money instead of living pay check to pay check.

I’d love to quit my job and change careers, but it means more schooling and sacrifice. I don’t think I could go through this at my age.

I wish I was more “CONFIDENT” in who I am so that I can achieve the things that are important to me mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially.

Step #2: Recognition

WHAT IS YOUR STATE OF BEING? Recognizing where you live and speak from within yourself is one of the most important discoveries of who you are. If you can understand where it is you are talking/coming from you will be able to take control of everything you want out of life. Sometimes we have thoughts that come from our head, heart or our soul. Understanding them is the “KEY” to recognizing where you are at the time of in-decision. Life is all about “CHOICES”. You will make over 250 of them a day, but sometimes we refuse to make a choice that has our best interest in mind towards our happiness. By not making a choice and staying in the status quo is ironically a choice you’ve made. By having a clear vision of where it is you are at any given moment in time, will help with making the choices that will bring happiness to your life. When approaching any crossroad in one’s life, it is the perfect time to STOP, LISTEN and COMPREHEND your “state-of-being”. Awareness of one’s self is important before making an important choice you are faced with. Taking deep breaths and slowing down is the first step you want to take. Then all you need to do is just ask yourself the following question. Where is it that I am talking/coming from? Is it…. “Mentally” – from your head (the thought and analytical process of the brain) “Emotionally” – from your heart (the sensitivity of your feelings) “Physically” – from your gut or soul (your knowing of what is 100% True)

STEP #3: Perception


The only way to know if you are coachable is to ask yourself these three simple questions:


Being READY – is the “WANT” to move forward from where you are today so you can start connecting towards your happiness and your greatest assets, while discovering the “KEY” that lies within you.

Are you open to new thoughts you might not have seen or thought of on your own. If you are, you will find yourself saying “A-Ha” a lot. Can you come to an understanding that you might not know everything there is to know and that you are capable of letting go of your old self that has held you down from your true potential of excellence? Sometimes we are just not ready or afraid to let ourselves see more of who we are because it’s uncharted territory, which could lead to new feelings, thoughts, happiness and areas in your life that you don’t know what to do with. No one is asking you to change who you are, but to enhance your true inner self, which will connect you to your true greatness that you possess deep inside.

Being WILLING – is the ability to be open in accepting who you are and what you want to become. Being vulnerable is hard for people because they feel that they are open to getting hurt or experiencing pain that they once felt before. This is called attaching oneself to negative thoughts, feelings and emotions to the PAST (People Always Stuck in Time) When you are willing, you are telling yourself to remove your ego and pride so you can allow yourself to keep an open mind, which leads you to opening new doors for you to walk through. It’s the journey from within that will allow you to see what was already there and to experience and honor the light from within you. When you are ready to take a step forward, you are accepting happiness because you want things to be better than they are now and better than they were before.

Being ABLE – is the ability to take action of your wants and stepping into your greatest assets and utilizing them to your full potential. Hence, these are the “KEYs” that will help you open the doors within you that were already there. You have made a positive decision to be proactive and take ownership of your life. Sometimes we get nervous and fearful of new experiences which could lead us to new places in life, but when you are ABLE to make this commitment to yourself, you are on your way to bigger and better things than you have ever imagined, while being another step closer to where you want to be and what you really want out of life. The possibilities are within you because you are able to see the vision of your wants and putting them into fruition.

(*courtesy of Jeff Saret – ReWA)



If you feel like you are ready to uncover your happiness, the time is right for you. If you are extremely busy and cannot imagine taking on another thing, then the answer is probably “YES”. The first thing you and your coach may want to explore is what to remove from your busy schedule to make you feel simpler, more balanced and manageable. Your life coach will help you prioritize what is important in your life and help with these decisions. So do not panic…that’s what a coach is for.

Here are a few quotes that I think you might enjoy…

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our “LIGHT”, not our darkness that frightens us. – Nelson Mandel

“Do Not Fear Going Forward Slowly – Fear Only Standing Still”

– author unknown

STEP #4: KEY Blue-Print

The next step is to understand that you will undergo a positive transformation in yourself. Much like a caterpillar that builds a cocoon to change into a butterfly, you too will go through a metamorphosis in becoming enlightened from the person that you are and the person that you want to become. It all starts with “YOU”. As you already know, you will face locked doors inside of you, but will start opening them one by one to get the clarification and understanding of why you have locked out your true self-potential. It’s then only a short matter of time to reconfigure the equation that make your happiness a reality.

As a skyscraper stands proudly for everyone to see and admire, it all started with a basic blue-print to help be built. Just like this skyscraper, you too will need a foundation in achieving the goals you want. By having this, you will be able to start discovering your TRUTH, understanding your KNOWING, believing of your MEANING, comprehending your CLARITY and shedding FEARS, ANXIEITES and DOUBTS that might have been holding you back from being completely, passionately and honestly happy. By having this enlightenment, you will then have the tools to pour this foundation and make the right choices with positive meaning, while achieving your goals you desire.


Take a moment and fill out this simple blue-print questionnaire. Remember this is all about “YOU” so shoot for the stars.

Start with a “WANT” or two

___________________________ / ________________________________

Add in a “DESIRE” or two

__________ / __________ / ___________ / ___________

List some possible fears that you might see as obstacles that might get in the way

__________ / __________ / _________ / _________

Finish with an “OBTAINABLE GOAL” that you would like to meet and that will bring you joy and “HAPPINESS”.

STEP #5: Getting Started

Now that you have gotten this far, it’s time to start the process of being the “KEY” to your true happiness. The thing to remember is that your life is all about the positive choices you make. Have your choices count today! Reach out for Coach Brian to setup your coaching consultation by Telephone: 480-254-5000 or email Coach Brian will be happy to meet with you and answer any questions and walk you through the coaching process that is made just for you. Let him know about the “Blue-Print” that you put together in Step #4. Now get ready to start your journey, while discovering the “KEY” that’s within “YOU”!