Our KEY Coaching Services

“Being 100% Vulnerable is the sign of true courage and the KEYS to your Soul.”

Coaching does many things to an individual. It Inspires, Motivates, Guides and Focuses us on taking Action. Coaching also teaches us about the meaning of Our Words, why we aren’t Disciplined, how to get rid of Procrastination, how to set Obtainable Goals, how to Recognize our Fears, have a positive Awareness for Change, having the perception of Letting Go of what isn’t working for us, what it means to be Successful and the realization that we are Deserving of this Success & Change.

It’s important to take your time and familiarize yourself with what we have to offer you. We give you plenty of information to let you know how serious we are in helping you accomplish your goals and find the “KEY” that’s within “YOU”.


Our lives are busier than ever and sometimes it’s rather easy to lose what’s most important in who we are. Taking a moment and allowing yourself to self-reflect is extremely important and what gives you permission in making quality changes that will bring positive results to your life, while also letting go of what isn’t working for you. Please take a few seconds to fill in the quick and easy questionnaire below and get a “FREE” evaluation by Coach Brian to see where you currently are.

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Our KEY Philosophy

Our belief is that life’s too short and many of us let time slip on by, while taking life for granted. Some people live their lives in the past, while others live in the future, but never for today. With having awareness, we are able to bring you back to the reality of what is today, the NOW time…the PRESENT moment. It’s amazing how many of us make excuses, procrastinate or put our lives on hold for what we truly desire. And what is the normal outcome? We put ourselves on hold and wait until tomorrow, with nothing ever getting accomplished. So are we all just missing the big picture or just settling for less in ourselves?

Our focus on Life Coaching has always been in helping others move forward from where they are today and never from the past. It’s with this perception that causes clients to take ownership of a new vision that they might not have realized was lost inside.

Life Coaching has been around for years, but is only NOW becoming the new buzz word that others are hearing, listening and taking notice of. This can be thanked by the NBC reality television show called “Starting Over,” which helps others make their goals come true. This show helped push life coaching to another dimension and people are taking notice. It’s not uncommon to watch such an empowering show and sit there in search of a life coach for yourself. Everyone, at some point in time will take a leap of faith to say that enough is enough of the world they live in and will do something to move forward from where they are living today. They will do almost anything to find a Life Coach to help shift their focus in living with more balance, inner peace and harmony, that will result, not only with better health, but quality of life full of true happiness. It’s with this optimism within oneself that has empowered their will to transform their life in living positively, while seeing the glass half full. The light at the end of the tunnel can now be seen because they are ready, willing and able to be awake and take notice.

Beside reality television, there have been other shows that have had a character who was a life coach, helping someone move forward from where they are. Just recently in 2006, the movie “Little Miss Sunshine”, which was up for best picture of the year, featured a dad who was a life coach. Even Oprah herself admitted to having more than one coach. The word is out and people are taking notice that their life is worth living with happiness instead of ignoring it.

So here we are together, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for pursuing your dreams, wishes and a better quality of life. The Philosophy is simple. We believe in you and your potential in having “HAPPINESS” in every aspect of your life. We want you to believe in your “GREATNESS”. That’s right, “GREATNESS.” Not for a second should you ever doubt or fear it. We all have it. Every one of us does. Some of us know how to tap into it, while others do not. Trust us when we say that once you find a way into yourself, nothing is impossible. Whatever was holding you back will be conquered with a new view inwards and a new perspective outwards. The blinders you once had protecting your vision will be shed forever. You will soon be living your life understanding your truth, believing in your meaning, comprehending your clarity and living in your heart, while shedding your fears, anxieties, worries and doubts. It’s a chain reaction that has positive results towards the GREATNESS within you!

Through LIFE COACHING you will learn to move forward and bring awareness and recognition in living with this new perspective within yourself. You will continuously find NEW doors to unlock and explore, while obtaining each goals you desire and want. You will be amazed that the KEY was you all the time.

There’s nothing in the marketplace today that has this approach to coaching. Our Life Coaching style is simply based on compassion from the heart, while being direct with every step you take. In this way, we can get to the core of where you are and “Inspire”, “Motive” and “Guide” you through your locked doors and have you open them with confidence and encouragement. Once you have walked through these new doors, you will be enlightened to realize your “GREATEST” potential. Since life is all about “CHOICES” you make, you will soon be able to start making your choices count today and with more meaning. It’s with this new found ability within yourself that will have you living your life positively, with the passion and happiness you have been wanting, while succeeding in the goals that you set forth. After all, this is why you will soon be having….“A NEW VIEW, TO A NEW YOU”

KEY Coaching Credo

I Promise to “INSPIRE” the Greatness within you.

I Promise to help “MOTIVATE” you in never giving up when you are at crossroads in making a choice that is coming from your heart

I Promise to “GUIDE” you in finding those doors that need to be unlocked and opened, and for you to walk through them, while making new discoveries about yourself

I Promise to be “COMPASSIONATE” to your thoughts and feelings, while you unlock and open new doors to your life’s true happiness

I Promise to “RESPECT” who you are as a person and to bring out only the best in yo

I Promise to “VALIDATE” you through each door you unlock and open along the way, with words of encouragement

I Promise to “SUPPORT” you during your journey into yourself, while you achieve moments of enlightenment

I Promise to “HONOR” your light from within that shines and makes the world a better place with your presence

But most of all, I Promise to “BELIEVE” in who you are as a person, as you find the “KEY” that’s within “YOU”.

KEY Principles

1. Stay in the possibilities – there is positive energy in all things

2. Deep within each of us is a Knowing

3. People are doing the best they can with the resources they have available at the time.

4. Accept the person, change the behavior.

5. Energy follows thought – when you believe it, you will see it

6. Once committed, the entire Universe supports you.

7. There are no accidents, only lessons.

8. It’s not about the story, it’s about your response to the story.

9. It’s not about you; it’s about honoring and supporting those you are called to serve.

10. All judgments are self-judgments.

11. We create until we resolve.

12. All problems stem from separation; therefore, the solution comes from connection with your heart.

Types of KEY Coaching

Whether you want a better quality of life in your Personal, Professional and/or Spiritual world, we can help you with inspirational and motivational *1-on-1 or Group Coaching that is totally confidential and in a safe environment, whether in person, over the phone or on-line on the internet. The possibilities are endless to accommodate your needs according to your life’s schedule.

*Most one-on-one clients like the privacy and frequency of these individual and customized sessions.

BE THE KEY™ Coaching

We have found that when someone hires a Coach, they are requesting help in accomplishing almost anything they want out of their life. However, everyone walks away with truly finding their KEY that will open any door to their happiness. By reconnecting a client to their greatest assets, it will take a partnership in wanting to achieve this goal for as long as the client needs. We believe that it’s up to our clients to make a healthy and fulfilling choice in how long they want to work with a Coach. We have found that some of our clients have found their KEY much quicker than most because of their desire to move forward and achieve their goals. And because of this we have the following options for our clients to choose from at anytime:


1 Session at a time (No monthly commitment)


4 Session for 4 weeks (once a week sessions)


8 Sessions for 4 weeks (twice a week sessions)


8 Sessions for 8 weeks (once a week sessions)


16 Sessions for 8 weeks (twice a week sessions)


12 Sessions for 12 weeks (once a week sessions)


24 Sessions for 12 weeks (twice a week sessions)


16 Sessions for 16 weeks (once a week sessions)


32 Sessions for 16 weeks (twice a week sessions)


If you decide to select a 1, 2, 3 or 4 month session, you can always ADD-ON to your contract at anytime at a discount rate to your benefit. We know how important it is to have a Coach, after all Coaches have Coaches too.


Most Coaches today base their sessions on one hour. NOT US…we believe that Coaching Sessions are as long as you need them to be. We do not believe in a time clock. We do not believe in setting up appointments one right after the other. We believe in working together for as long as it takes to keep you moving forward from where you are today. We understand that your time is worth our time. After all, we want to see you succeed in achieving any goal you set forth and in discovering the “KEY” that’s within “YOU”!


Make sure to look honestly at your finances before entering into the Coaching relationship. If you hire a coach, you will be making an important INVESTMENT into your life – equivalent in its overall impact to an advanced college degree (or possibly more). Are you able to pay the Coach’s fee for a minimum of two months without feeling like you are overextending yourself? If not, you may still want to continue, and work with your Coach on improving your financial situation, immediately.


Did you know that when it comes to self happiness, the number one indulgent is eating. Other self gratification includes shopping, smoking, drinking, drugs and sex, but all of these last less than one day and soon become an addiction and the problem to why so many people are their own worst obstacle. People will spend their money on useless things, rather than taking a step forward and connecting themselves to having everything they truly want out of life. It’s amazing, but true that the average person will spend $250 a month on coffee, while the average woman will spend close to the same amount on getting their hair done.

By hiring a Coach you can overcome anything you set your mind too and actually find out why you were your own obstacle and where it is you actually spend all your money. Life’s all about choices in obtaining everything you want out of life. Make your choice count today and hire a Life Coach who can help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small.


We are standing by to assist you in obtaining your goals today…Reach out for us at (480) 254-5000 to get started in obtaining your happiness. You are just a phone call away in setting up your first appointment. We will be more than happy to discuss our coaching costs with us.

KEY Expectations

What Can You Expect From Your Coach?


The How’s vs. The Why’s

The Outcomes vs. The Problems

The Possibilities vs. Necessities

The Mores vs. The Lessees

The Positives vs. The Negatives

The Curiosities vs. The Assumptions


Your Coach will ask the powerful and tough questions that you are refusing to ask

yourself. In doing so, you will be able to find your Truth, Clarity, Meaning, and

Fears to help you move forward from where you are today.


From time to time, your Coach will make a direct request, such as “Will you accomplish X by the end of the month?” It is up to you to be truthful with your response and for the Coach to hear your answers. The Coach will always support you in your response, but explain to you what they hear during the conversation so that you can understand what it is your are truly saying from your state of being you are coming from.


When it comes to Coaching you won’t be judged, but accepted for who you are, and that includes your strengths and weaknesses. When your Coach hears a funny tone in your voice or notices something amiss, they will ask you about it. Often it is these small moments that offer the chance to resolve something. However, your Coach will not confront you, but merely invite you to take a closer look.


Part of the Coaching experience is the self discoveries, rebuilding your positive energy and removing fears that hold you back from your greatness. During your coaching sessions you will be given homework that will help with you obtaining your goals. We have found that it’s one of the most important parts of coaching. It should be fun, relaxing and not hard work. So find a quiet place, get comfy and get started. After all, it’s all part of discovering the “KEY” that’s within “YOU” to open new doors to your happiness.


You can expect your Coach to be your partner during your journey of self awareness and enlightenment, while achieving the goals you set forth.


We understand that everyone has a story to tell about their life. We also know that some days are not as easy as others. Feel free to talk about your issues, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. After all we believe in compassion of the heart to help each step of the way. Besides, what you say will speak volumes to a COACH so that they can let you in on what you just said.


There’s nothing better than allowing your Coach to inspire the greatness that’s inside of you. Your Coach will show you just how wonderful things can be if you just take a small step forward (baby steps). Since life is truly all about choices, your Coach will show you that all Choices, both big and small, are important, if you see them for what they are truly worth.


We expect you to use your Coach to the fullest, which means you can email, text message, instant message and call your Coach at any time, if they are currently available. After all the Coach wants to hear it all. If you have a personal problem, are upset with something, are just starting to realize something extraordinary, or can not wait to share a breakthrough, reach out for your Coach and let them know.


We hold you in high regard from the moment we meet you. Never will we give out any of your information you provide to us to anyone. Anything that takes place between a Coach and a Client is held in total confidence and will never be used or discussed with others. (see our Policies and Procedures for more information)

KEY Rewards

Get The Most Out of Your Coaching

To get the most out of your coaching we ask you to:


Coaching works best when you have clear goals that are based on your true values. First, we encourage you to deeply consider what you want your life to look like. Then identify the gaps between the way things are now and how you would like to them to be. Many people struggle with this, so if you are unsure about what it is you really want to achieve, coaching is an excellent tool that can provide you with greater clarity.


If you know what you want to accomplish during each session, you will get more out of it. You will probably have stories to tell from the previous week – tell the Coach in such a way that you get to the “bottom line” quickly and can learn from them – and quickly progress to the next level.


Working with a sensitive and empathic Coach is a healthy way to grow. Most clients hire a Coach to work on specific goals, and much of the time focus on these objectives. Yet, with coaching, many clients discover new parts of themselves, and find they can adjust their goals to be more in alignment with who they really are. This discovery process is natural, and you do not need to concentrate on it, just realize it will likely happen. Accelerated personal and professional growth is the hallmark of coaching.


Be willing to experiment with fresh approaches and try new beliefs. Tell the truth, raise your personal standards and set higher goals. Ultimately, you need to decide what is best for you, however the more willing you are to grow, the greater the benefits from coaching.


Your Coach will challenge you and make a lot of requests of you. If you say “YES”, then do it. Make it a habit to keep all your promises to your Coach, no matter what. If you have any uncertainty about whether or not you can commit yourself to what the Coach is requesting, say “NO” to the request, and then find a compromise that you are Ready, Willing and Able to do. Coaching works best for those who keep their commitments.


Your Coach is professionally bound to keep everything you say in the strictest confidence. Take advantage of that. You can tell your Coach everything, including the things that you are just barely ready to tell yourself! Don’t hold back about your cash flow situation, your feelings about your boss, what you were really hoping for in your marriage, what situations feel like a thorn in your side, etc. By grabbing your bat and stepping up to the plate, you make it much easier for you and your Coach to sort things out and create a winning at bat.


Let your Coach know what parts of the coaching are working best for you, and what is not as effective. Ask your Coach to show you more support where you need it, and in ways that you really respond to. Remember, your Coach is a Pro, and he or she has never dealt with anyone exactly like you before. You are on a unique journey together, and your Coach will be learning new things, too.


Each week you will decide on the actions or goals you want to focus. Your Coach will expect you to keep the commitments you make and will work with you to make sure you are setting worthwhile, realistic and achievable objectives. If you know that a busy week is ahead, your homework might be as simple as thinking about a new perspective. If you have more time, you might decide to handle a big task. Regardless, we will hold you accountable and encourage you to do your best.


Show up exactly on time for all your Coaching Sessions. Pay your coach ahead of time. Let your coach know how the coaching is helping you. Tell your friends and associates about your Coach. Your coaching call will become a time during the week when you get everything into perspective and make your most important decisions. Therefore, it is important for you to honor your Coaching relationship and make it your top priority

Policies & Procedures


We respect and protect your privacy. We collect client information for the sole purpose of helping us help you and to communicate with you. We do not sell, rent or share any portion of our customer database to third parties. However, we may disclose your personal information under limited circumstances if we conclude that we are required to do so by law or have a good faith belief that access, preservation or disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of A NEW VIEW, TO A NEW YOU, our clients or the public.

No datebases of personal information about our clients with the exception of e-mail lists used only for requested subscriptions to our newsletter. At no time is personal information about our clients kept on the internet.

A NEW VIEW, TO A NEW YOU will notify its clients if we make any changes to our privacy policy. Any new policy will be posted on our site at least one week prior to its taking effect. If at any point we decide to use personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected, we will notify users by way of an email.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at 480-254-5000.


A New View, To A New You recognizes that the client (company or individual) may have the following: future plans, business dealings and other proprietary information. We will at no time, either directly or indirectly, use any such information for our company or coach’s benefit. We will not give out the name of any client without that client’s consent (as a reference) and the coaching relationship is confidential unless the client chooses to tell someone about it. This confidentially statement shall be as confidential as the applicable state or federal laws – and the client’s own company policy (if applicable) allows. The coaching relationship is not privileges and, as such, a coach’s records on a client can be subpoenaed.


A client enters into coaching with the understanding that he or she is responsible for creating his or her own decisions and results. Client also agrees not to hold A New View, To A New You or the Coach liable for any actions or results for adverse situations created as a direct result of a specific referral given by the coach. The coaching relationship is in no way to be construed as psychological counseling or any type of psychotherapy.


Each client will be asked to fill out a legal contract that protects the client’s best interest as well as the coach. Upon agreement of the contract, a copy will be given to the client for their records. All information on the contract will be explained in detail and any questions at this time will be answered. Once the contract is signed it is then a legal document.


We request that you make our scheduled coaching sessions a priority. On the rare occasion when you need to reschedule, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. Except in the case of an emergency, you will be charged for last minute cancellations on phone or in-person sessions.


Many of our clients have come to us by referral. If our coaching has enabled you to generate results in your life, we ask that you please share your coaching experience with others, and refer us to anyone you know who might be interested in what coaching has to offer them. We will happily conduct a free coaching session for you and offer your referral a complementary 30-minute session as well.